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Project | Grand Valley Reno

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The challenge: create a sleek and stylish expansive ‘party’ / entertainment kitchen that flowed seamlessly into an outdoor area to replace the existing dark and cloistered kitchen and separate outdoor zone, as shown in the images below.

Before | The existing dark and cloistered kitchen plus the existing outdoor living space showing no relationship with the existing kitchen ...

Before | The new kitchen to extend into the area below

During | Existing kitchen completely demolished. New framework, plaster, windows and bi-fold doors ...

The new kitchen & indoor/outdoor party zone layout adhered to the brief requirements, offering a streamlined design that incorporated excellent storage, functionality, and flow between the zones, while the finishes introduced a level of luxé as requested by the client.

After |

The custom bi-fold timber doors that lead onto the deck could have posed an issue with the amount of mosquitoes and insect life characteristic of the North Coast due to the way the doors are configured when open, but RESONANT | designs for living was able to circumvent this by sourcing timber bi-folds that housed retractable fly-screens. This allowed us to keep the bugs at bay while not compromising on aesthetics.

The renovation extended the kitchen beyond the original footprint into the covered deck area seamlessly by matching new timber windows and the bi-fold doors with the existing timberwork, while also colour matching the new timber floorboards in the reclaimed deck area with the existing floor.

The client chose not to integrate their existing stainless steel fridge or dishwasher with the 2-pac white cabinetry as was an option, so Melinda visually tied the existing appliances into the design’s colour palette along with the new black and silver cooktop and wall oven via with the introduction of a new black double sink, 2-tone black and silver spout, and tonal splash-back tiles. The statement white Caesar Stone benchtops with the grey marble like vein also played a visual part in bringing the projects’ overall colour palette together.

The 2-pac white cabinetry almost has the appearance of floating in the space due to the bespoke detailing of recessed LED strip lighting below the cabinets and mirror kicks, the detailing also extending to the Island bench.

The Caesar Stone waterfall edge luxé Island bench with incorporated drawers, cooktop, recessed LED lighting and smoky-grey mirror splash-back, faces onto the living/dining area providing functional bench space while also providing a transitory link between the two spaces, an ideal spot for hanging out on a stool while talking with friends who are either preparing delicacies in the kitchen or chillin’ in the living space.

The owners were blown away by the transformation of their home by RESONANT | designs for living. The light-filled kitchen space, the open plan design, the multi-functionality of the expanded party zones, the luxé finishes, the LED lighting at night, the overall attention to detail and the ease of the movement between indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Melinda Rowe of RESONANT | designs for living works with a team to deliver luxé and liveable designs for your home or office. Learn More about her services here.


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