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Melinda Rowe BA (Hons) Interior Design | Creative Director

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Melinda has worked in the interior design and building industry for over 20 years.

She has experience in one-off boutique or custom home building, along with volume or project home building which has given her a unique understanding of the pros and cons of either selection and thus ability is support her clients from a vast knowledge base. She has designed and project managed boutique homes through to handover, and been part of a studio team processing volume home builds on a large scale.


Melinda is sort after for her ability to support and simplify the often complex building process in a manner that addresses both the clients' aesthetic and functional needs. Due to her experience in volume building and the intensity of the time frames, when it comes to a boutique home build consultation she will cover a lot of ground in a limited time frame.

'Within the interior space there is always a dance between light and form, simplicity and comfort, aesthetic differences, values, activity and repose, public and private'.  


'Interior design is our everyday. We move through space, we leave an imprint, a resonance, we revisit, we may move on . . .'


''The elements of true design are known to us all . . . that which resonates remains long after the aesthetic fades'

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