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Melinda Rowe BA (Hons) Interior Design | Creative Director

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Enriching Your Abode | Consultation


This Enriching Your Abode Consultation is ideal for you if you’re considering taking your space to the next level and would like professional styling advice to
support you in the process.
Such as . . .
  • Wallpaper Selection
  • Furniture Purchases
  • Adding Bling
  • Layering and Texture 
  • Product and Supplier Recommendations
  • Personal Shopping on request
  • More . . .
As an experienced Interior Designer with over 20 years in the home building industry Melinda packs a lot of design advice and practical information into this Enriching Your Abode Consultation.
What is provided 
  • An on-line hourly Consult,1hr or more as required, via Skype.
  • Discussion centred around the enrichment of your space | your home
  • Supplier details
  • Next steps . . . ​
$220 per hour 
How it Works
Email Melinda via the Contact Form to Book an Enriching Your Abode Consultation
Enriching Your Abode Consultation
We meet via Skype for 1hr, or more as required.
Next Move is Yours!
Implement discussion points when and where you feel to and send us any photos of your progress. 
If you require any additional support it is charged on an hourly basis
How To Book
  • To schedule an Enriching Abode Consult with Melinda | Click the link below
  • Click Here
'An Interior Designer’s mastered skill is the ability to realise what will enrich you in your home so that every day you go back out into the world, you shine back to others All that you are'
~ Melinda Rowe

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