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Interior Design | Home Office Tips

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

When designing or renovating our homes, we often consider that the bathroom and kitchen are the areas that require more attention to detail, but when it comes to planning, each zone requires equal consideration. So here RESONANT's focus is the Home Office.

An interior designer can support you in the early design development or concept stage through to project managing the renovation or build, or you may only require an initial consult to support with the planning and function, or colour and finishes selection. There are many and varied levels of service available to the client when working with RESONANT | designs for living.

To be considered a functional space an office must have a level of flow and organisation that supports our work. Whether it be a renovation within an existing home or a new build, consideration needs to be given to location, functionality, and purpose.

To consider | ask yourself ...

  • will the space be used for client meetings /consultations or purely personal ?

  • if commercial, how will the client enter your home ? Privacy ?

  • location within the home ? size required ?

  • client meeting area ?

  • where will confidential client information be stored ?

  • furniture and equipment required, including task lighting ?

  • electrical and data

  • wall and floor finishes

Budget and timeframe are always the main points of consideration within the initial planning stage of any project.

Before | Home Office

After | Home Office

Before | Home Office

After | Home Office

The same principles of consideration can also be applied to your space at work whether you are an employee or employer, own or rent, spaces need to support functionality and flow, without these basic principles optimal performance levels are negated.

Melinda Rowe of RESONANT | designs for living works with a team to deliver luxé and liveable designs for your home or office. Learn More about her services here.


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